The New Artful Coloring Book for Adults

Maria Khalturina’s seriously funny life-goes-on adult coloring book is a must-have!

Discover the artful way to deal with the pandemic

  • 35 uniquely designed, artistic coloring templates
  • Never-seen-before innovative layout optimized for left-handed and right-handed artists
  • All templates included twice — this gives mishaps a second chance 😉
  • Bonus: a remarkable centerfold design

This is exactly what I am looking for!

» Did you know that laughing has positive (mental) health effects, even if you laugh for no reason?

Did you know that practicing mindfulness reduces stress, fosters creativity, and may even favorably influence your body’s immune functions?

Did you know that coloring coloring books is a form of mindfulness practice?

— This is what Maria Khalturina’s book is all about! «

Dr Richard Hagl
entrepreneur and publisher

Benefits of this book

Be inspired

Maria is a one-of-a-kind artist, with unbeatable humor and a sharp eye for curious details.

Perfect for left-handed and right-handed artists

A new, innovative layout concept makes this book perfectly comfortable to use for left-handed and for right-handed colorists!

Ideal gift – not only for quarantine

We don’t know if “Corona Party” is the ideal gift to spend time whith when in quarantine — or the perfect way to avoid quarantine in the first place …

Stay healthy

To stay mentally healthy these days, one must not take the world too seriously. Hey, live goes on; find some time to spend with your inner self, and take short breaks form the crazy world out there.


Book pages preview.

About the author

Maria is an exceptional artist and skilled graphics designer with decades of professional experience. Her wealth of knowledge, expertise, and her open mind enable her to see the world with a heightened awareness for detail, fun, and curiosity. In this debut work, Maria shows off her impressive skills and gives us insights into a colorful world hidden from most observers.

Artful greetings, Maria Khalturina


  • 35 uniquely designed, artistic coloring templates
  • coloring templates included twice: once in a left-hand layout, and once in a layout optimized for right-handed artists
  • single-sided print to avoid page bleed
  • 85 sheets (equals 170 book pages including blank pages)
  • Suitable for coloring pencils. Felt tip pens, water colors, and ink will work if applied carefully. Please use the coloring test pages.
  • ISBN 978-3-949319-07-5

To #happiness, #health, and #lightheartedness!